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EM Vocal Studio is proud to host a variety of amazing events each year. Every concert is designed to present students with a unique set of skill-building challenges, as well as to provide maximum entertainment for family and friends! Participating in all six annual concerts will cost less than $25 per month when averaged over 12 months, well worth it to get such a variety of incredible experiences! Details are subject to change with notice based on venue availability and other variable factors.

Jazz Night at The Ridge Market & Café:

Student Center Student Center Student Center Student Center

 2nd or 3rd Thursday in February, $60

At this high-class event, students will perform selections from The Great American Songbook, will lead a live jazz trio (piano, upright bass, and drums), and will improvise in a jazz style, as their guests enjoy some of the best food in Utah County. Since The Ridge is open to the public, this event is our best opportunity for “real world” gig experience!

Summer Kickoff Concert:

Student Center Student Center Student Center

Friday of the weekend before Memorial Day weekend, $75/student

Featuring only the biggest hits, this outdoor concert is a studio favorite! Students have the opportunity to perform with a live band of professional musicians (electric bass, guitar, keyboard, drumset, background vocalists, and sometimes saxophone or violin), all powered professional sound equipment and lighting. Students sing lead vocals on one piece, and background vocals on two pieces, each. After the student set, we enjoy a “Headliner” set from a professional local band. Guests can dance and sing along, snack on hot dogs, chips, sodas, and treats, and enjoy a beautiful spring evening at our most lively event of the year! The day before the concert, we have our Spring Group Lesson Students will rehearse their pieces with background vocals, and will give and receive peer feedback.

Broadway Review:

Student Center Student Center Student Center

3rd or 4th Monday in August, $25/student

Singers perform Broadway selections and practice acting with a short monologue before each piece. For this event, we have the special opportunity to perform in Orem Piano Gallery’s formal recital hall with its beautiful grand piano. Our goal for this concert is excellent story telling! Just before the concert, we have our Summer Group Lesson featuring a guest instructor. In the past, we’ve been thrilled to welcome Voice Male’s beat boxer John Luthy, PhD Performance Psychologist Dr. Jon Skidmore, prolific studio vocalist Joslyn Poole, and Hale Center Theater star Cecily Bills as our teachers!

Creator’s Concert:

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3rd or 4th Thursday in September, $60/student

Hosted by Painter’s Palette in American Fork, this concert is Emily’s personal favorite! It’s a night of artistic vulnerability. Singers perform brand new original songs (co-written in their lessons) while guests paint! At the end of the night, we’ll all leave our creations at the studio to be glazed and fired in the kiln. Everyone can pick up their glazed pieces the following week. Creativity all around!

Acoustic Lounge Night:

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Thursday before Thanksgiving, $75/student

Our goal with this event is to replicate a cool lounge or club gig. Student will perform unique, acoustic arrangements of popular tunes with a live band of professional musicians (keyboard, acoustic guitar, percussion, and sometimes upright bass). Professional bar tending duo “Salt City Mocktails” completes our event with gorgeous and delicious drinks! It’s a very fancy time.

Holiday Recital with Vox Anima:

Student Center Student Center Student Center

Third week of December, FREE! Just bring a treat to share!

The Holiday concert is casual and fun! Students perform their favorite holiday tunes, and Skyridge High School’s chamber choir Vox Anima performs the final set on our staircase! And of course, right after the concert is our end-of-year party! This is a great time to catch up with studio friends and enjoy some treats and fun before the holidays get too crazy. Just before the concert, we have our Fall Group Lesson featuring a guest performer concert+Q&A. In the past, we’ve heard from local band Foreign Figures, singer-songwriter Jenessa Smith (a.k.a Goldmyth), composer and Warner Brothers producer Stuart Maxfield (The Fictionist), and The Voice’s Ryan Innes!