Coyote DaysI listened to a podcast recently wherein a biologist described an assignment he had to capture and tag individuals from a large coyote population. He said most of the coyotes would sort of ball up in the corner of the cage while getting tagged, and then scamper away when the door was opened. Easy as pie. But he described an outlier coyote who thrashed around and put up a big fight and even took a chunk out of the biologist’s arm. Not rabid . . . just super not down with the process.

Lately, I can’t stop thinking about that thrashy little dude, and I feel like I’m doing the same thing. I feel like I’m watching people around me respond one way, and I feel like I just can’t make it work. And I’m thrashing all about trying to change the situation or create a different result. And I kind of know that if I stop wiggling and fighting that it’ll maybe be a little easier somehow? Less painful if I cooperate. But I also know that I just can’t do it. Ultimately, I’d rather take a little wear and tear and keep thrashing. If you’re not into it, maybe give me a wide berth for the next always.

Happy Thrashing,