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Individualism, Idealism, and Artistic Integrity

Individualism, Idealism, and Artistic IntegrityRead more

Spring is on the horizon, and I’m feeling the best kind of restless. Now that I’ve finished building my online songwriting class (launch date April 1!), I’m able to dig in to the new record with full focus…and gosh, I am feeling good about it. I’m turning 33 this year, and depending on how old […]

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Before, Beside, Between, Beyond…

Before, Beside, Between, Beyond…Read more

How’s your year going so far? I feel like a broken record with this kind of thing, but I’m genuinely struggling to believe January is almost over. It’s been an odd few weeks, and I’ve found myself feeling quiet and contemplative—processing a blend of artsy thoughts, interpersonal thoughts, and problem-solve-ish thoughts. The big questions, and […]

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The Wonder of Creative Ownership

The Wonder of Creative OwnershipRead more

Of course, music is my primary mode of expression. But I’m simply not moved to write without inspiration…and inspiration comes to me through deep dives. “Artifice” is my homespun inspiration wellspring. It’s its own form of expression, certainly, but more than anything, it’s a cozy nest where my musical mind reliably (weekly) gets an inspo […]

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The Fluidity of Authenticity

Invite Only: The Masks ExperienceRead more

I loved talking with my February 2020 Artifice Podcast guests about the wiggly nature of authenticity. It’s easy to assume that there is some finite, fixed truth about who you are in a moment—about who you are over time—but the more I consider this topic, the clearer it seems that authenticity is ever-changing. Each of […]

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