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Artifice Ep. 41: Michael Crigger

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Listen to Episode 41: Apple Podcasts – Spotify – Stitcher – Soundcloud Michael Wysong Crigger studied Fashion Design at the University of North Texas, earning his Bachelor of Fine Arts in May, 2011. He began pursuing his Master of Fine Arts in Fashion Design at UNT. During his undergraduate career, Michael studied Haute Couture sewing techniques in Paris, France. He has […]

Artifice Ep. 40: José Meza Arróyave

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Listen to Episode 40: Apple Podcasts – Spotify – Stitcher – Soundcloud At the helm of our kitchen is Chef José Meza Arróyave, one of Mexico’s finest. Meza has spent his career at culinary meccas including Rene Redzepi’s NOMA in Copenhagen, Denmark, and Enrique Olvera’s Pujol, in Mexico City. Hailing from Mexico City himself, Meza most recently led the kitchen at […]

Artifice Ep. 39: Ryan Nielsen

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Listen to Episode 39: Apple Podcasts – Spotify – Stitcher – Soundcloud Praised for the “breathtaking singing quality of his sound” by jazz icon John McNeil and as a “musician of the highest order” by renowned orchestral trumpeter Charles Daval, Ryan Nielsen’s lyricism and versatility are rare. His artistry grows out of a love of groove, spirit, and beautiful melody. He […]