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Artifice Ep. 34: Nick Fahs

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Listen to Episode 34: Apple Podcasts – Spotify – Stitcher – Soundcloud Chef Nick’s Bio My mother comes from a strong Italian family raised in New Orleans. Family life was all about food and southern hospitality. My father was obsessed with French culinary tradition and always wanted to be a chef. He graduated from Institut Paul Bocuse in Lyon, France in […]

Artifice Ep. 33: Heidi Gress

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Listen to Episode 33: Apple Podcasts – Spotify – Stitcher – Soundcloud Heidi M. Gress first discovered her passion for Creative Entrepreneurship while studying European Cinema at the University of London. After she completed her film education with a BFA from the prestigious Chapman University in Southern California, she continued in the creative industry by working as a commercial producer, fashion film […]

Artifice Ep. 32: Stacy Phillips

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Listen to Episode 32: Apple Podcasts – Spotify – Stitcher – Soundcloud Salt Lake City-based artist Stacy Phillips shifts effortlessly between sculpture and painting. In part, this is because her studios for each discipline lie under one roof. In part, it is because she has mastered the ability to adapt as the result of moving 49 times in her life. (Her […]