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Artifice Ep. 66: Paul Williams

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Listen to Episode 66: Apple Podcasts – Spotify – Stitcher – Soundcloud Paul Williams is always curious if he is an artist or a story teller. But one thing he knows for sure, he’s a wanderer. He’s mesmerized by culture, wildlife, and earth & feels connected to all three. Barbegazi Outdoors (Paul’s personal creative outlet and Instagram account) started as an […]

Artifice Ep. 65: Brandan Ngo

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Listen to Episode 65: Apple Podcasts – Spotify – Stitcher – Soundcloud Brandan is an actor and writer based in Salt Lake City. After graduating from the University of Utah with a BFA in Film & Media Arts, he’s found steady work on-stage, on-camera, and on-paper for the better part of the last five years. He has worked with Plan-B Theatre, […]

Artifice Ep. 64: Bradford Overton

Listen to Episode 64: Apple Podcasts – Spotify – Stitcher – Soundcloud Brad Overton is a multi-media artist known mainly for still-life painting in the contemporary and contemporary western genres. His other mediums include Sculpture and jewelry design. Brad also composes songs, recording and performing in Salt Lake City, Utah. Before becoming a full time painter in 2001, Brad worked in […]

Artifice Ep. 63: Sister Molly Mormon

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Listen to Episode 63: Apple Podcasts – Spotify – Stitcher – Soundcloud Sister Molly Mormon is a Salt Lake City, UT drag queen and has become a well known and admired in the SLC drag and art Community. In 2019 she was crowned Miss City Weekly. She is the head Bitch and performer with Those Bitches of Club Try-Angles who perform […]