Year in Review

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I can’t help but feel a little excited during this time of year. I just love a beginning. And the beginning of the year is such a fun one for me, even if it’s thoroughly symbolic. Cliché as it may be, I love taking some time to think over the past year—what I’ve done, what […]

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Masks Part IV: Ongoing…

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When I published my original Masks essay in February of 2019, I was at a bit of a breaking point. I felt deeply, chokingly unseen. And I imagined that articulating my fears, traumas, and ideas would alleviate some of the invisibility I felt. But after two years spent wrapping my tender stories in their most […]

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Artifice Ep. 84: Mark Bigelow

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Listen to Episode 84: Apple Podcasts – Spotify – Stitcher – Soundcloud Mark Bigelow received degrees in Philosophy (1989) and Public Administration (1991) from Brigham Young University. Later in life, he began taking art classes at BYU to pursue a different path. He has been working in stained glass since 2002, when he initially made art as a hobby. In 2013, […]

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Artifice Ep. 83: Eric Hopkins

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Listen to Episode 83: Apple Podcasts – Spotify – Stitcher – Soundcloud Eric Hopkins plays the dual role of percussionist and associate principal timpanist in the symphony. His passion lies in both roles equally. For Eric, percussion is about negotiating the wide array of acoustic possibility, overcoming and embracing the challenges of each unique instrument. On timpani, the large copper kettle […]

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