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Well hey there! If you’ve made it to this page, you probably already know a little about me… Obviously, I’m a musician—a singer and a songwriter. But more broadly, I’m a person who loves to make and consume artful things. I’m especially moved by fantasy and mythology; and I particularly love stories that are beautiful […]

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Care Within Commodity

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A funny thing happened a few weeks ago… I was chatting with one of my best friends (hellloooo Pierce!), and he mentioned that even though he knows I write all of my emails (because I see him all the time and I talk about it…), they sometimes feel like they’re coming from some magical assistant-type person. And you […]

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The Hallowed Wide Lyric Collage

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I just have a tiny little treasure to share today… When I released my first album Embark in 2012, I started a practice that would become something of a ritual for me whenever I complete a new album. I call it a lyric collage, but it’s really more like a poem made of lyric fragments […]

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We’re Still Here…

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Fall is upon us… And it’s with some potent autumnal vibes that I look back over my conversations with August’s podcast guests. 🍂 As I listen with a bit of calm, a bit of delight, and a bit of melancholy, I’m moved by the way each of my guests speaks about finding meaning in their […]

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The Muse Map


This is really an all-time favorite… So. Around this exact time last year, I was finishing up all of the writing for The Hallowed Wide, and really starting to think about the visuals, the worldbuilding, the extra experiential wonder of it all… And since the record is really a fantastical story of a venture across […]

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