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Art. It springs undiluted from raw human creativity. Almost like magic it reveals itself to the artist—pure. Untouched . . . Or, is art just the sleek result of excellent salesmanship? Does it jump, fully-formed, directly from the creator to the consumer? Or does it filter through algorithms and focus groups before finally making its debut on your screen, in your earbuds, and in stores near you? As with all great mysteries, the truth is hard to pin down. And it depends a lot on who you ask. Today, professional artists run the gamut from snake oilers to oracles. But most of us are just chiseling out our paths through imitation and exploration, through real connection and networking. And we’re doing it with a blend of vulnerability and veneer – each of us finding our own way through the absolute weirdness of our careers.

Join professional musician Emily Merrell for conversations with artists of all kinds. We’ll peel back the layers of mystery surrounding our talents and skills, our hustles, our impostor syndromes, our muses, our beliefs about the origins of creativity, and about what it means to be “successful” in our professions.

Mediums Include: studio art, graphic design, dance, cooking, illustration, creative writing, storytelling, comedy, music composition, music performance, film making, acting, production, fashion design, and more.