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From the moment I got my first drumset, playing music is what I knew I wanted/needed to do with my life. I played as much as I could throughout school doing musicals, percussion classes, symphonic band, jazz band, etc. I played in several local bands of various genres, learning as much as I could. I turned down scholarship opportunities and was never interested in some mundane, complacent job. After high school, I found a new hunger and pushed myself harder on every level. I toured, did session studio/live work, filled in for music videos, was in a movie, did the soundtrack for the movie, and found every opportunity I could to make contacts and get myself out there.

I had made some great connections from those years, which lead into me having the opportunity to claim the throne in a Las Vegas-based rock band. Otherwise was a band that I had been a fan of for a few years and had watched them blow up with their most notable song, “Soldiers”, which had gotten them signed to a major label and known internationally. I was with Otherwise for 4 years starting in 2016, toured the country several times, played out of the country, performed along countless huge acts (many who I am a fan of) at major festivals, written and recorded 4 releases, and was a part of several video productions, being in them or producing them.

In the middle of 2018 when Otherwise was off tour and writing a new album, I decided to pick up photography which has been a wild ride all on its own. I’ve been playing drums for the last 18+ years, well over half my life. I never thought I could find another passion that I would connect with and love as much as music, but immediately upon taking my first picture with my Canon DSLR, I fell in love with capturing a moment. A moment that will never be the same. It was a blast to find those moments that I connected with and create a digital file that will live forever which captured that beauty. I’ve been humbled by the wonderful response to what I’ve been capturing and was greatly encouraged to sell my work. The idea of that scared me. I didn’t want to taint the magic and purity of what it means to me by adding in money to this new passion. After a bit of encouragement, and deciding that I would always do my best to keep a level head and not lose that magic, it could be worth diving into. It actually added more magic than I anticipated. I have been overwhelmed with the positive response of my captures being displayed in peoples’ homes. Which has led into doing many types of photo and video shoots to capture memories and moments with people and where they are at in their lives, memories and moments that will live on longer than we are around.

I’ve been fortunate enough to travel out of the country, work with tourism boards, galleries, produce a hardcover book partnered with a non-profit organization, worked with some great international bands/artists, world-recognized clothing companies, various real estate opportunities to capture photos and videos of some of Utah’s most beautiful mansions, etc!