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Sister Molly Mormon is a Salt Lake City, UT drag queen and has become a well known and admired in the SLC drag and art Community. In 2019 she was crowned Miss City Weekly. She is the head Bitch and performer with Those Bitches of Club Try-Angles who perform the last Wednesday of each month, she produces a drag show once a month at Prohibition called Sacrament and Sin, and performs all over SLC. She loves the art of drag and works to create original and moving performances that are more than just a performance, but are a production.

Raised in Utah and being raised in the Mormon/LDS/Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, Molly was taught above all else to love one another and the values of family. These lessons still ring true in her mind each day, and although she no longer follows LDS teachings to this day, she is grateful to have taken something good from her past. As for her future, Molly strives to be a positive force for good in her community, a community that is her family.

IG: @sistermollymormon