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Blake Casselman is a comic book writer, screenwriter, film producer, and teacher. He graduated from the University of Utah with a Bachelor’s Degree in Film, and later earned an M.F.A. in Education. He is the co-writer/co-creator of the graphic novel, “Devil’s Triangle” with Brian C. Hailes. He also co-wrote the award-winning dark fantasy short film, “Kiss the Devil in the Dark” starring Doug Jones (“Star Trek: Discovery” “The Shape of Water”). Many of the films he has written and/or produced have been screened in film festivals throughout North America. In 2012 he co-founded a film production company, Rare Legend Films, and co-wrote and produced the award-winning feature-length comedy, “Adopting Trouble” (available for rental or purchase on Amazon Prime). His short fiction has been published in a number of anthologies and he edited the sci-fi/fantasy anthology, “Heroic: Tales of the Extraordinary” on behalf of the Aaron Allston Foundation. Over the years he has taught screenwriting, film and story theory, and storyboarding classes and has worked as the Director of Programming for FanX Salt Lake Comic Convention.