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Jonathan Ingram worked in the graphic design industry for more than 20 years before becoming a studio artist. He creates abstract paintings and sculpture that interplay between the two art forms with exquisite texture, color, and form.

Graduating with a BA in Illustration from East Texas State University, Jonathan honed his design skills to capture a job with GibbsBaronet before starting his own company, in 1998. From exhibition design to branding and identity for such clients as Dallas Musuem of Art, National Academy of Sciences, The Sixth Floor Museum, Halliburton, and American Airlines, Jonathan’s work has been featured in Communication Arts, Graphis, and Print Design Annuals.

He grew up in a home that encouraged creativity. Cultivating different art forms was the norm. One of his earliest memories is making pottery with his mother in their garage as a young boy with a throwing wheel, a kiln and countless ceramic molds. Add in a piano, a Ti-4a99 computer, growing up gay in a conservative home, a love for architecture and gardening, with supportive mentors along the way and it’s no surprise that his art communicates the way it does: Technologically expressive portraits of abstraction building a language of its own.