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Mindy has been performing since the age of eight.  Her original goal in life was to be the world’s first “singing Heart Surgeon”.  Unfortunately, medical school didn’t pan out; so, she decided to heal the world through music and as a result, she has been studying different vocal techniques, voice science, and vocal health her entire life.  Mindy has studied with many nationally and internationally renowned vocal instructors and was a vocal performance major at the University of Utah.

Mindy is part of some incredible voice teams and music industry professionals throughout the world.  Some of these team’s consists of Laryngologists, ENT’s, Artist Development, Managers, Record Labels, Vocal Arrangers, Producers, Music Directors, and many others.   Mindy holds a certificate in Clinical Vocology from The National Center for Voice and Speech.  Mindy holds certificate in laryngeal manipulation and currently in school to become a fully licensed Massage Therapist/Body Integration Specialist.   Mindy is the creator of one of the top Educational Apps called Voice Tutor.

Mindy has a full studio in Salt Lake City, Utah and a satellite studio in Los Angeles, California.  She also has clients around the world via online sessions.  Her studio has a roster of clients from the novice to the professional, all genre’s and styles, actors and voice over artists, the injured or rebab voice, transgender, motivational speakers, and any other voice user seeing out her help.   Clients are in all genres and styles of the music.  Clients such as Brandi Carlile, Justin Timberlake, The Lumineers, Emily Sailers of the Indigo Girls, Halsey, Austin Mahone, SHAED, Common, Royal Bliss, Tesseract, Martina McBride, and Pharrell Williams have seen the value of combining Mindy’s technique and Vocal Tract Reconditioning for the longevity of touring.   Other clients have been seen on world tours, national Broadway tours, AMA’s, Grammy’s, Saturday Night Live, International Award shows, You Tube Sensations, College Scholarship Winners, Reality TV Shows, Cruise Lines, and local and national performances to name a few.

Mindy is currently the co-producer for the Vocal Master Class Series, A Conference for a Cause with Dr Reena Gupta and the Osborn Head and Neck Series which is a non-profit organization that provides ENT services to third world countries.  For over 12 years Mindy has been in charge of education for an artist development camp in Los Angeles as well as International Teacher Training Programs.  She is frequently asked to present at voice conferences for singers, actors, voice over professionals, video games, Speech Language Pathologies, ENT’s and Laryngologists worldwide.

Not only is Mindy a technician she is also a performer, so she understands first hand the demands and stresses on artists.  Mindy’s performance career has taken her all over the world. One of her most favorite was when she had the opportunity to perform with some of those considered “Broadway Royalty” on an Album by composer Scott Alan, “Live from Birdland”.  Mindy has been both behind the director’s chair as well as on the stage through Utah.

In 2015 Mindy was awarded Best of Stage for Voice Instruction and has received Best of Salt Lake City for Private Music Instruction for the past five years.

Mindy understands how hard it is for artists to make connections to the music world.  She is known to bring in top industry professionals to not only help her clients connect and network but to help artists and musicians’ home in on their skills and further develop themselves and their artistry.

Mindy is a member of the Pan American Vocology Association (PAVA) and The National Teachers of Singing (NATS)