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Adam has been making violins since age 14, due in part to the recommendation of his first violin teacher, Kelly Richardson. His violins have been played on and praised by Joshua Bell, Joseph Silverstein, and Igor Gruppman, as well as many young, talented soloists throughout Utah. Born in Murray, Utah, Adam grew up in a musical environment, beginning the violin at age 3. When he began studying to be a luthier with Paul Hart, violin making came naturally to Adam because of his highly developed ear and playing ability. He knows very well the qualities that string players look for in an instrument and how to produce them. By nature, Adam is very detail-oriented. (His wife lovingly refers to him as “The Millimeter Man.”) In harmony with this trait, Adam has always excelled in art. Countless hours spent developing this talent greatly enhanced his violin making skills. Adam concluded 4 years of training with Paul at the Tree’s Breath Violin Making School and started his own shop, which has become a thriving business, serving string players and educators worldwide since the year 2000. Adam is married to Kate Day and they are the proud parents of four adorable children.