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I grew up here in Utah and attended Culinary School at Utah Valley University where she learned all about the art and science of cooking. I loved every second of culinary school…almost! But I didn’t learn any of the cake decorating or sugar flower work I do today in school. That came from years of trial and error, recipe testing and an obsession with flowers. I love a good challenge when it comes to new flavors or a new flower. I love to pick apart a flower and see how it’s put together. My best work is done when I have a fresh flower in front of me to model mine after.

When I’m not working, which is rare, I love to travel and experience food in different places. New York and Thailand are my favorite places I’ve visited so far. I’m always looking for reasons to adventure to new destinations. Food is my love language and my favorite things in life are sharing food and laughs with people I love. Balance of salty and sweet is my jam. My family lovingly calls me “the salt police” because I’m always searching for the perfect amount of salt in things we eat.