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Sarah Keele is the illustrator behind all of the Dark City Series board games by Façade Games. They launched their first Kickstarter, a social deception party game in a faux book box called, Salem 1692, back in April of 2015, just in time for Sarah’s graduation from Brigham Young University with a BFA in illustration. Riding the wave of the boom in the tabletop gaming industry, they exceeded their humble goal of $6k reaching an incredible $100k in funds to kickstart their game. Their second game, Tortuga 1667, solidified the success they were having when they reached $400k, and thus Façade Games as an official game publishing company was born. Sarah’s post graduate career as an board game illustrator also officially began. With 3 successful board games (the latest, Deadwood 1876, garnering over half a million dollars in its KS campaign) now behind her, she continues to draw and paint with fervor always keeping an eye for the next great opportunity. Her work has also been included in a well known children’s magazine called, The Friend, and various book covers with authors like A. Lee Martinez among them. Her latest book cover is for author, Cami Murdock Jensen, titled, First Earth: The Arch Mage series. It will be released before the end of 2019. When she’s not doing client work, she’s making custom portraits through her Etsy shop, working on her comic, spending time with her husband and two daughters in their Orem, UT home, and collecting coins.

You can find her at
Instagram: @sarahkeeleart
Facebook: @sarahmartbyu
Pinterest: @sarahkeeleart